Learn How to Edit an Existing Editor

What Happens When You Edit an Existing Editor?

Modify existing Editors’ details, such as their first and last names or email address. Change the roles by setting the users’ permissions.

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How do you Edit an Existing Editor?

  1. Select the My Account tab and select the Users subtab.
  2. Select the edit button on the Editors option to make changes to the editor details and permissions. The Edit Editors screen opens.
Edit button
Edit button
  1. You can edit the fields as follows:
    • Edit the first and last names in the relevant field.
    • Edit the Email address or Salesforce Username in the field.
    • Edit the User ID in the field.
  2. You can edit permissions by selecting one of the following:
    • Custom
    • For all
    • Allow create
    • Power user
  3. Select the Finish button.
Edit Editor screen
Edit Editor screen
  1. You can select the Remove icon to remove a user.
Remove button
  1. A confirmation message will display. Select the Yes option to confirm your action.
Confirmation message screen
Confirmation message screen

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