View Editors’ Details

What is on the Titan Editors’ Details Option?

View the currently assigned Editors’ details for a specific environment. This displays a summary review of the available editors, their email address, and roles.

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  • 0:01 Learn more about editor account when you have multiple environments
  • 0:30 We show you how to view editor details.
  • 0:48 Learn how to add an editor.

How do I view Editors’ Details?

  1. Select the My Account tab and select the Environment subtab.
  2. Select the Kebab button to view the details of the currently assigned Editor. The pop-up is displayed.
  3. Select the View option. The Editors pop-up is displayed.
View option
  1. Select the Editors option. The Editor Details screen opens.
Editor option screen
Editor option
  1. You can view the following details of currently assigned editors per environment:
    • User Name
    • Email Address
    • Role
Editor Details screen
Editor Details screen

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