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What is on the Titan Usage tab?

View the usage number of Generated documents, API Calls, Published Projects, Storage, and Assigned Users for a specific environment.

How to Video

  • 0:01 Learn how to view Usage DocGen Usage environment.
  • 0:23 View monthly, capacity, and users usage.

How do I view Usage Details?

  1. Select the My Account tab and select the Environment subtab.
  2. Select the Kebab button of a specific environment for which you want to view usage. The View pop-up is displayed.
  3. Hover with the mouse pointer on the View option. The Usage pop-up is displayed.
View option screen
View option
  1. Select the Usage option. The Usage Details screen opens.
Usage option screen
Usage option
  1. View the Usage details of the selected environment in the table below:
1. Monthly usage2. Capacity3. Users
API Calls
Storage (GB)
Document GenerationPublished ProjectsCollaborators
Usage Details screen
Usage Details screen

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