Lightning Component: FtGeneratePDF

What does this Lightning Component do?

FtGeneratePDF enables you to add the Titan Generate Document user interface on any object, or to create your own button on a standard object.

How do I use this Lightning Component?

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup on the right of the screen:
  1. Select Object Manager and open the standard or custom object you want to add your action to:
Object Manager
  1. Select Buttons, Links, and Actions on the left of the screen:
Buttons, Links, Actions
  1. Select New Action:
New Action
  1. Ensure your Action type is set to Lightning Component, select Form_Builder:FtGeneratePDF as the Lightning Component, give the action a label, name, and height, then select save. A height of 750 pixels or more is recommended.
New Action
  1. Add the action to your layout.
    Navigate back to your custom object, visit page layout, edit the page layout, and drag the action you just created into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Action section:
  1. Select save and this button will now be ready to use on your custom or standard object.

How to Video

View this video below to learn how to add the FtGenerate PDF Button to a custom object:

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