Lightning Component: Open URL

What does this Lightning Component do?

OpenUrl is an action, which opens a new URL from within a screen flow. This can be used to open any URL including Titan URLs.

What are the Relevant Input Parameters?

The following input parameters are relevant to this action:

  • url (string) required.
  • mode (string) not required. These are the available values: blank (default) and self.

How do I use this Lightning Web Component?

  1. Navigate to a Flow Builder, select the plus icon, and choose to add an Action:
Salesforce Flow Builder
  1. In the New Action Window, select OpenUrl:
New Action Window
  1. Give the action a label, API name, and set relevant input values. A URL is required:
Open Custom URL
  1. Select done and you have now added an action, which will open your URL from within a flow.

How to Video

See it in action.

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