Resubmit a Salesforce Push for Payments

Business Background

Resubmit a Salesforce push manually, and create a record even when a payment fails.

Titan Solution

Titan Web lets you resubmit a Salesforce push manually (for instance, if the credit card was declined) and create a record in Salesforce.

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How to Guide



  1. Create a payment configuration.

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2. Add a Salesforce push to the SF Configuration step.

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  1. Click on the Project drop-down and select the My Submissions option from the list. The My Submissions screen opens.
My Submissions option
My Submissions option
  1. Find the failed payment.
  2. Click the Edit icon. The Edit Submission State screen opens.
Failed submission
Failed submission
  1. Change the following, where relevant:
    • Condition
    • Mapping
    • Run Criteria
  2. Under File, download the JSON file to view the Push data.
  3. Click the Save button.
Edit Submission State screen
  1. Click on the Resubmit option.
Resubmit button
Resubmit button
  1. Click on the Yes button to resubmit the Salesforce Push.

The Salesforce Push is resubmitted, and the status is now “Success.”

My Submissions screen
My Submissions screen

For more information on the following payment methods, click on the relevant link.

Configuration LinksPayment Methods
Configure the PayPal payment method.Single payment, Installments
Configure the Stripe payment method.Single payment, Installments, Recurring
Configure the Tranzila payment method.Payment, Token, Installments
Configure the payment method.Single payment, Installments
Configure the PayPlus payment method.Single payment, Recurring, Installments
Configure the YaadPay payment method.Single payment, Installments, Recurring, Token
Configure the Pelecard payment method.Single payment, Installments*, Token

*Only for Israeli New Shekel
Configure the iCredit payment method.Single payment, Installments
Configure the Credit Guard payment method.Single payment, Installments

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