PayPlus Payments

Business Background

Do you want to add payment types to your Web project? Now you can add PayPlus as one of the payment options to configure payments into your platform or marketplace and integrate the payment with your Salesforce.

Titan Solution

To enhance the user experience on your website, add PayPlus as a payment option. You can seamlessly integrate PayPlus payments with your Salesforce account.

You can add the following:

  • Different currencies
  • Single payments or installments

You can configure different actions on payment:

  • Send an email
  • Redirect the user to another internal or external page
  • Push payment data to Salesforce

How to Video

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How to Guide



  1. Configure Payment
  1. Select the PayPlus option. The Payment Configuration screen opens.
Choose Payment Service screen
Choose Payment Service screen
  1. Set up the following:
    1. Payment Method
    2. Processor Configuration
    3. Layout
    4. Post Payment
    5. Salesforce Integration

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