Salesforce Push for Successful Payment

Business Background

Manage the Salesforce actions for a successful payment with a few clicks and no code.

Titan Solution

Titan lets you add a condition to only push successful payments to Salesforce.

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How to Guide

Add a condition that a payment transaction will only be pushed to Salesforce if the payment is successful.



You must have a payment configured:

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Path to create a new push: Project Settings > Salesforce > Push > Create New

  1. Click the Create New button. The Map Salesforce fields screen opens.
Salesforce Push Integration screen
Salesforce Integration screen
  1. Configure the Object Settings and make sure you select the Upon payment checkbox under Advanced.
Map Salesforce fields screen for Salesforce data pushes.
Map Salesforce fields screen
  1. Under Run Criteria, select the option Payment Completed from the drop-down list with the operation equals “true”.
  2. Click the Apply button.
Run Criteria for Salesforce pull integrations
Run Criteria

The Push to Salesforce will only run when the payment is successful.

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