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Use dynamic values from Salesforce in your project for the Ranking element.

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Dynamic values let you use dynamic information from Salesforce for ranking elements.



Add a ranking element to your Web or Survey project.

  1. Select the ranking element’s Gear icon. The Ranking Settings screen opens. The Content list is shown by default.
  2. Select the Dynamic Values radio button to use dynamic Salesforce values.
Dynamic Values radio button screen
Dynamic Values radio button
  1. Select the Gear icon to open the Project Settings of the Titan Web project.
Project settings gear icon screen
Project settings gear icon
  1. Select the Salesforce option. The Map Salesforce Fields screen opens.

Map Salesforce Fields

  1. Under Object Settings, select a Salesforce object from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the trigger to execute the pull from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the Up to N records radio button to select the option and add a number value in the N field.
  4. Select the Apply button.
  1. Under Mapping, use the search field to search for the ranking elements. Ranking options are only available when Dynamic values were selected under Content.
  2. Map the fields as follows:
    • Ranking/Item index – the system automatically generates the numbering, for instance 1 to 10. You don’t have to make any changes.
    • Ranking/Item Value – select the value that you want to receive from Salesforce.
    • Ranking/Item Label – this is the label that will be shown on the project and that the customer will rank.
  1. Select the Apply and then the Close buttons.
  2. Save and Preview the project.
  3. Select the Debug button if necessary. The Debug Project screen opens.
Debug button
Debug button

You can view the Index, Value and Label information.

Index, Value and Label information
Index, Value and Label information

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