Number of Records per Batch in Bulk Mode

Business Background

You can now use Titan Web to limit the number of records in each batch using the new bulk push feature to decrease a large batch of records to smaller chunks of data.

Titan Solution

  • Titan takes batches of up to 200 records at a time by default when you apply Bulk API.
  • Titan offers a bulk mode option to use the Up to the number of records field function to add the number of records required for your business.

How to Video

  • 0:05 We show you how to limit the number of records in each batch.
  • 0:13 Let’s view an example and take you through the process.
  • 0:26 Watch how you can create a table with bulk contacts as campaign members.
  • 0:35 Let’s click on each contact and voila multiple campaign members have been created.
  • 0:46 We explain how to limit the number of records created in each batch.
  • 1:46 We head over to bulk data in Salesforce.
  • 2:00 Watch what happens when you insert records.
  • 2:27 Let’s recap the steps on ‘how to’.
  • 3:00 Step 1: We show you how to bring in contacts – up to 50 records.
  • 3:22 Step 2: We show you how to allow users to select multiple records.
  • 3:31 Step 3: We show you to use the new bulk push feature.
  • 3:50 Use the bulk mode button, to only push in each batch.
  • 5:07 Save, Apply, and Preview.
  • 5:54 View the record in Salesforce.
  • 5:58 Monitor the bulk data load jobs.
  • 6:17 Review of an article explaining the functionality.
  • 7:13 And that is all there is to it.

How to Guide


Project settings > Salesforce > Push

The Salesforce Integration screen opens.

  1. Select the Create New button. The Map Salesforce fields screen opens.
Salesforce integration screen

Make sure that the Bulk mode checkbox is checked.

Map Salesforce fields screen
  1. Click the Bulk mode checkbox. 
  2. Add the number of records in the Up to [number] of records in each batch field. The number of records will be pushed asynchronously to Salesforce on each batch.
  3. Click the Apply button. 

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