Customize the Y-Axis format on a chart

Business Background

Customize the axis of a chart to suit your business needs.

Titan Solution

  • You can now define the Y-axis of a chart with a different structure (#####.## for a number field).
  • When you sum percentages or long decimal numbers from Salesforce, you could shorten them by using formatting in Titan Web so that the labels will fit the chart and won’t be too long.

How to Video

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How to Guide

This functionality applies to all charts.


As an example:
Path to customize the Y-Axis format: Add (new) element > Chart > Bar Chart Configuration > Mapping Y-Axis > Format settings

Path to customize the X-Axis format for existing element: Bar Chart > Settings > Content > Edit Mapping > X-Axis > Format settings

  1. Select the expand (+) icon next to the settings icon in Titan Web. A list of elements will show.
  2. Add the Bar Chart element to the canvas. The Chart Configuration screen.
  3. Configure the Source and Conditions as required.
  4. Select the Mapping option. The Configure Format screen opens.
Bar Chart Configuration screen
Bar Chart Configuration screen
  1. Select the Enabled checkbox.
Configure Format screen
Configure Format screen
  1. Select the Type drop-down list and select a type, for instance, Number.
  2. Select Format drop-down to choose a format, for example, #####.##.
Configure Format screen

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