Access Control Parameter

Business Background

Use the Access Control without configuring the SmartV process but together with other user access mechanisms in a few clicks with no code.

Titan Solution

Use the Access Control parameter to configure flexible access control, for instance Salesforce LWC.

How to Video

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How to Guide

  1. Select the Gear icon to open the Project Settings.
  2. Select the User Access option and use the Access control toggle switch to switch it on. The Access control screen opens.
Access Control option.
  1. Select the + icon to add a new role. For more information, also refer to Add a user and configure access control.
  2. Type a name and Access Profile value.
  3. Select the Apply button.
Access control screen
Access control screen
  1. Browse to Tools and select the Gear icon of the Custom Variable option. The Custom Variable screen opens.
Custom Variable option
Custom Variable option

The parameter is added under Static.

Added parameter
Added parameter

You can use the parameter when you map Salesforce fields or any other affect element functionality.

Map Salesforce fields
Map Salesforce fields

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