October 21st, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

SmartV - Value Rules

Use the Set Value Rules function to set the acceptable values for an input field, this can improve the efficiency and accuracy when capturing information. Read More

Form Merge/Split

We updated the merge cells functionality in a Titan Web form for even greater flexibility. Read More

Power Table Date Settings

We added new options to customize date settings in a power table. Read More

Titan Forms

Auto PDF

You can download the contents of your webpage as a PDF or push the PDF to Salesforce. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We made a cosmetic UI change to accommodate very long names on tabs for mobile device layouts.

We added the option to center a label on a button group.

There was a bug that occurred when there was a form in a tab element where the layout on a large tablet didn’t resize correctly and the form was shown bigger than the tab. This was fixed.

We made cosmetic changes to the wording of the warning message that is shown when a user attempts to open a project that another user already works on.

We fixed bugs that occurred in the tooltips and filters of a power table.

When changing a row name on a form, the styling screen didn’t update the new row name. Our team fixed this.

If a tab’s width is smaller than the page width, scroll buttons will automatically be added to the tab element.

There was a bug on power tables in card mode where the scroll bar didn’t move smoothly. This was fixed.

We made cosmetic UI changes to the Document Generation screens.

We fixed a bug on the drop-down element with numeric mapping.

There was a bug that didn’t clear the “is mandatory” status after resetting the field. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug on the currency fields for value rules.

There was an issue with the responsiveness on the auto layout option when selecting different device sizes. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug that occurred when the File Upload icon took longer to load than expected.

There was a bug in the global styling for filtering fields on power tables. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug on a form with merged cells where the fields didn’t display as expected on the tablet layout.

The debug mode didn’t display the information when a checkbox was selected. This was fixed.

Titan Survey

We made a cosmetic change to the star ratings element.

Titan Docs

We removed the vocalization from the Short Jewish Gematria Calendar format when using Insert Field.

Word add-in There was a bug in the Insert Field option from a Web project where fields were duplicated. This was fixed.

Titan Sign

There was a bug where the fields from a Web project were not being shown in the Sign project if they were placed inside a table. Our team fixed this.

We fixed the Refresh button on the Map Salesforce field screen.

Titan Flow

We fixed a bug in the file merge functionality that didn’t run a Titan Sign project as expected.

Titan Platform

We added a checkbox on the Recovery Center to select multiple projects to recover or delete. We updated this article.

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