March 1st, 2024

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The gallery grid media element had a scrollbar, even when it was not necessary. We fixed the software, and the scrollbar will only show when required.

We fixed a bug where the modal’s border wasn’t displayed correctly. 

A power table didn’t display the results from different sources using a polymorphic lookup. Our team resolved this issue.

The row selection interactivity action for a power table didn’t work correctly. We fixed the problem.

We added a scrollbar to the Conditions option on the Map Salesforce fields screen.

Our team implemented a fix for an issue where a static radio didn’t keep the default value with responsive AI across different device layouts.

It was found that the custom preloader functionality didn’t work correctly. We improved the user experience.

Learn more about the custom preloader.

We fixed a problem that occurred when adding a custom value rule on input fields. 

It was brought to our attention that the file upload element appears empty when returned from a submission. This meant that running a condition could not work as it looked empty. We have corrected the issue.

An issue was discovered where a drop-down list was auto-filled with the following field’s email information. Our team fixed this. 

You can now use custom SVG icons when defining an icon column for a power table.

Read more about icons in power tables here. 

A bug was found where the alignment toolbar disappeared when two elements were vertically aligned. We made changes, and now it works as expected. 

We fixed an issue in the translation functionality where some of the date-range properties were not translated correctly.

We resolved an anomaly that affected the mouse pointer in error or success messages. 

Titan Survey

We resolved a bug where a configuration triggered by user action didn’t run on a hybrid survey. 

For more information about hybrid surveys, click here.

When a user answered a question in a hybrid survey but didn’t submit the full survey (the response was pushed to Salesforce) and then used the web URL to complete the survey, the initial pushed response was reset. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug where the On Load trigger for a Salesforce Get on web survey didn’t work.

Titan Docs

The software has been updated to resolve an issue where mapped fields could not be added to the signer sections.

Read more about signer sections here.

Titan Sign

It was found that, after enabling Salesforce Data, the Titan storage kept increasing. The issue has been resolved. 

A bug was identified where the radio and checkbox elements didn’t behave as expected. Also, if the elements were configured with a font other than Ariel, the font was changed to Ariel when previewed as a PDF. Please note that Titan only supports Ariel for PDF documents. If you want to use other fonts, build the template using our Microsoft Word add-in

We encountered a problem where the signing modal took on the size of the signature element even when the option Enhanced Signer Experience was off. This was incorrect. The modal will now be the default size to fit the signature in the input field.

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