Release Notes for April 15th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Salesforce Default in Interactivity

Titan will use the default value that was set in Salesforce.  Read More

Translations Search

The search functionality makes it easier to find translation elements when you have multiple elements to translate. Read More

Custom Preloader

You can add a custom preloader with your company’s logo or other branding imagery. Read More

Chart Format Settings

You can now define it with a different structure (like DD/MM/YYYY for a date-time field). Read More

On/Off Classic Conditions

Classic conditions can now be switched on or off. Read More

Titan Docs

Excel add-in

Excel cells can be formatted for conditional rendering for a field. The Salesforce field type now reflects the data in the Excel cell type. Read More

Word add-in

Generate a Word document with information from an object in a single column to multiple columns.

Titan Survey

Added Hybrid Survey

For Hybrid Surveys, the first question is embedded in an email, which redirects to a website with follow-up questions. This new feature increases the chances of user interaction. Read More

Separate Slides & Conditions on Question Flow

A differentiation was added to separate Slides and Conditions on Question Flow. This new feature lets you find a slide or condition quickly. Read More

Hidden Title