Disallow Paste

Business Background

The Disallow Paste option is available for elements such as Text, URL, Number, and Email. Use the Disallow Paste function to ensure users type data manually.

How to Video

  • 0:02 An introduction to Disallow Paste.
  • 0:19 Learn about the Disallow Paste feature.
  • 0:54 Preview how the project works without the Disallow Paste function.
  • 1:26 We show you how to enable with the Disallow Paste function.
  • 1:37 Preview the updated project.

How to Guide

  1. Select the expand (+) icon next to the settings icon in Titan Web. A list of elements will show.
  2. Select the Input option from the list.
  3. Select and drag the Email element to the canvas.
  4. Select the Email settings Gear icon. The Email Setting screen opens.
  5. Select the Interactivity option from the list.
Disallow Paste option screen
Disallow Paste option
  1. Select the Disallow Paste checkbox. The user can only type the email manually.

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