Validation on Mandatory Fields/Columns

Business Background

Make sure that users complete all the mandatory fields or columns before submitting information in a power table.

Titan Solution

  • Titan Web lets you add mandatory validation to fields or columns on a power table.
  • The user would not be able to submit the page if all the editable mandatory fields or columns in a row are not validated.

How to Video

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How to Guide

There are multiple editable mandatory fields or columns in a row to validate all before allowing a user to submit edited information.



The Allow Edit options must be on for each column where validation for mandatory editable fields or columns will be enforced.

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Path to the Salesforce Configuration screen:

Power Table > Gear icon > Content > Edit Mapping button > Salesforce Configuration screen

  1. Select the element’s Gear icon. The Settings screen opens.
  2. Under Columns, select the Gear icon next to the column’s name. The Column Settings screen opens.
Columns on power tables
Columns on power tables
  1. Select the Mandatory checkbox to enable mandatory validation.
Column Settings screen
Column Settings screen

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