Using Signature Base 30 Storage

Business Background

Depending on your business needs, you may wish to push a signature from a web form to Salesforce and then use it for PDF mapping.

Titan Solution

Titan enables you to store a signature in a Salesforce object using the Base 30 Format. This gives you the ability to re-use your signatures from Titan Sign and Document Generation projects.

How to Video

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How to Guide

  1. In the below example, we have a web form containing a Signature field:
  1. Next, click on Signature settings, select interactivity, and enable Base 30 Mode. This enables us to store a signature in a Base 30 format in a text area field in Salesforce.
  1. Select the Submit button on your form, navigate to On Click Action, and choose to edit your Salesforce action:
  1. In this example, we click on Salesforce Integration, navigate to Push, and choose to update the contact record:
  1. Under mapping, there is one mapped field, the signature is listed under the contact description. Of course this is just one use case and this can be any text area or long text area field in Salesforce:
  1. To show or load the signatures from Salesforce, navigate to Get and choose to update the contact information. This is a simple Get that is triggered to execute a pull upon a User action:
  1. Head over to mapping and view the settings of the Signature, where it’s custom:
  1. If you open up the settings, you will see a prefix concatenated with the contact description:
  1. Test this out by opening up preview mode, and selecting one of the loaded contacts from Salesforce. In this instance, we have chosen “Jack Rogers” but it could be any contact:
  1. You will see that the contact description is currently empty:
  1. Test your Base 30 feature by drawing a Signature and clicking submit:
  1. If you now navigate back to the Contact Description, you will see it has been updated. This indicates the signature has been saved successfully in Salesforce:
  1. Remember you have the ability to perform a Get and pull signatures back from Salesforce. For example, simply select a new contact from the Lookup field, and you will see the associated signature is pulled through from Salesforce. Here we have chosen the contact “Davida Cohen”:

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