Stripe Payment Method

Business Background

You may need to set different payment methods, frequencies, and currencies.

Titan Solution

With Titan Web, you can select the currency or add a dynamic currency. You can select to use a single or recurring payment or a token.

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How to Guide

  1. Use the drop-down list to select a currency. This is a list of the currencies that Stripe Payments support. The options are:
    • Dollars
    • Euros
    • CHF Francs
    • Australian Dollar
    • Canadian Dollar
    • Israeli New Shekel
    • Pound Sterling
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Dynamic

You can select “Dynamic” to give the end-user the option to add a currency type not listed.

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Add the dynamic value as a variable. The string must be as follows, for instance:

  • ILS
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP

Stripe will reject any other values. Please refer to the API for more information on different currencies.

  1. Use a radio button to select one of the following:
    • Single Payment: Only a single payment will be deducted.
    • Recurring payment: A recurring payment is an automatic payment charged to a customer’s credit/debit card each time the payment is due until the customer notifies the vendor. Merchants must first get permission from the consumer; for instance, for membership fees.
    • Token: A token number is stored in Salesforce for later use. This token can be used later to charge the credit card without having the actual card details. A payment is not created when the token is generated.
Payment Configuration > Payment Method screen
Payment Configuration > Payment Method screen
  1. If using Recurring payments, select the Gear icon. The Configure Recurring Settings screen opens.
  2. Select the payment period using a radio button:
    • Daily, for instance, the recurring payment will be done every day.
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  3. Select the number of charges using a radio button. This is the number of recurring payments that the user will make.
    • Unlimited
    • Limited
      • Add the total charges in the field.
  4. Use the drop-down list to select the following:
    • Static: Add a number in the field.
    • Field: Use the dropdown list to select a field.

The Published Webhook URL is necessary for triggering recurring payments in Titan after the initial payment through Stripe.

webhook is an HTTP endpoint that receives events from Stripe. Refer to the Stripe documentation to use the webhook to trigger recurring payments.

  1. Select the Apply button.
  2. Select the Next button. The Payment Configuration > Processor Configuration screen opens.

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