PayPlus Payment Method

Business Background

You may need to set specific currencies for your users to pay with.

Titan Solution

With Titan Web, you can select the currency or add a dynamic currency. You can select to use payment or add the frequency of the payment (single or installments).

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How to Guide

  1. Use the drop-down list to select a currency. This is a list of the currencies that PayPlus Payments support. The options are:
    • Dollars
    • Euros
    • CHF Francs
    • Australian Dollars
    • Canadian Dollars
    • Israeli Shekel
    • Pound Sterling
    • New Zealand Dollars
    • Dynamic

You can select “Dynamic” to provide a flexible currency, according to the customer’s needs.

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The dynamic value must have been added as a variable. The string must be as follows, for instance:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • CHF
  • ILS

PayPlus will reject any other values. Please refer to the API for the string values for currencies.

  1. Use a radio button to select the following:
    • Single payment. Only a single payment will be deducted.
    • Recurring payment. A recurring payment is an automatic payment charged to a customer’s credit/debit card each time the payment is due until the customer notifies the vendor. Merchants must first get permission from the consumer; for instance, for membership fees
    • Installment payment. The money due will be deducted as one of several equal payments spread over an agreed period of time.
Payment Configuration > Payment Method screen
Payment Configuration > Payment Method screen
  1. Select the Next button. The Payment Configuration > Processor Configuration screen opens.

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