Edit Mapping

Business Background

Use the Edit Mapping option to configure items for multiple selection options. You can choose your Labels and Values that push to Salesforce.

How to Video

  • 0:02 Introduction to Values.
  • 0:28 Learn about Static Values and Mapping
  • 0:45 We show you the difference between Labels and Values.
  • 1:12 How your values integrate with Salesforce.
  • 1:25 Mapping Salesforce fields into your project.
  • 3:42 Preview your updated form.

How to Guide

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon. The element settings screen opens. The Content list is shown by default.
Edit Mapping option
Edit Mapping option
  1. Select the Edit Mapping option. The Configure Items screen opens.
Configure Items screen
Configure Items screen
  1. Type the Label and Value in the fields. For instance, the user can select an item with a different value.
Default option screen
Default option
  1. Select the Default checkbox to set a Label as a default. The label will be selected automatically when the user view the items.
Bento button screen
Bento button
  1. Select and drag the Bento button to move or arrange the labels according to order.
Kebab button screen
Kebab button
  1. Select the Kebab button. The pop-up screen opens.
    • Select the Updatable radio button. This will allow the user to update selections.
    • Select the Read Only radio button. The options will be read-only, and users cannot make a selection.
    • Select the Clone option to make a copy of an item.
  1. Select the Remove button to remove an option.
  2. Select the Add a choice option to add more choices.
  3. Select the Clear Default option to clear defaults. All default check marks will be cleared.

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