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Business Background

Give a signer the option to reject a document without signing it.

Titan Solution

Titan Sign lets you add an option for a signer to choose not to sign a document and reject it.

  • The owner of the document will receive an email notification that the document was rejected.
  • Track the rejected document in Salesforce with Titan Sign Tracking.

How to Video

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How to Guide

When the signer receives the document via an email link, they can choose not to sign and reject the document.

  1. Click on the Reject button in the top right of the screen. The Reject document sign screen opens.
Reject button
Reject button
  1. Type a rejection reason and click on the Reject button. The Reject Confirmation screen opens.
Reject document sign screen
Reject document sign screen
  1. Click on the Confirm button. The following message is shown: “Document has been rejected. You cannot sign it.”
Reject Confirmation screen
Reject Confirmation screen
Document has been rejected. You cannot sign it message
Document has been rejected. You cannot sign it message

A message is shown “Document has been rejected. You cannot sign it.”

  • Subsequent signers will not be informed that the document has been rejected.
  • All signers in parallel receive this message when clicking on the link in the email: “This document has been rejected. Ask the Document’s owner about this.”
  • The owner receives an email with the message that the document was rejected, who rejected it, and the reason for rejection.


Learn more about configuring the rejection email/s.

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