May 27th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Limit the number of records that Salesforce needs to process at a time

Salesforce can receive a push command to create, update, find or delete records in batches of 200 records at a time. You can limit the number of records that Salesforce needs to process at a time, especially if there are complex triggers and automation actions on records Read More

We added styling to the icon in a Tab Container

We added styling to the icon in a Tab Container. This is similar to the styling functionality on Stepper elements. Read More

Titan Docs

We added a confirmation message when there is no RecordID

We added a confirmation message checking to check if publishing a form without using the RecordID is correct. The confirmation message checks whether the user is sure that they want to publish a form without using the RecordID. Read More

Titan Flow

We improved the Actions Flow on a Salesforce Get or Push

You can now configure actions After Finish and On Cancel. Read More

Titan Platform

We removed My Themes and My Reports from the Dashboard

We improved the Dashboard by removing the following options from the left panel of the dashboard view: My Themes and My Reports.  Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We fixed a bug on Carousel Containers where resizing didn’t happen correctly when a user set a value.

We made a small cosmetic change to Strip styling.

We fixed a bug in the header of the Rule name field in Actions Flow.

We fixed the following bugs in Power Tables: 

  • The drop-down arrow for subcomponents didn’t work consistently every time it was clicked.
  • The subcomponents for the relevant component didn’t update correctly when scrolling between pages.

There was a bug on the configure interactivity condition. It was fixed.

We fixed the RTL navigation for the carousel arrow. On Right-to-Left clicking, right will go back instead of forward.

We added the option where you could download multiple files from Salesforce or your local computer.

Titan Survey

We fixed display problems for differently sized devices:

  • Some buttons in the slide builder were cut off in the display for mobile devices.
  • There were display issue for images on small and large mobile devices. We added a width field to the image settings.

Titan Docs

We fixed a bug where the incorrect document was sent to an email address during a Generate Multiple PDFs action.

We fixed bugs in the Titan Word add-in:

  • The rich text didn’t display as it was set up when there was a line break. The line break also erroneously affected Force Align and Force RTL (Right-to-Left) settings for text.
  • There was an issue in the number formatting structure. 
  • We added an inline section checkbox to enable inserting a section that is embedded inside existing text. Before this addition, it was not possible to include inline text in RTL mode. 

We fixed bugs in the Titan Excel add-in:

  • We fixed several bugs with regards to different session logins, the rendering of two grouped tables, two connected tables, and conditional rendering with a group.

There was a bug when rendering a bar code in the header and footer of a document. 

Titan Survey

We fixed various layout issues for the alignment of images and videos to the right and center.

Titan Flow

We made a small cosmetic change to the color of a node for Send Email action.

Titan Web

Dashboard: When you delete a project, the associated mapping files will also be deleted.

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