May 12th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Power Table – Disallow Select All

We added an interactivity option to power tables where you can disallow users to select all the options in a power table. Read More

Ignore Salesforce Validation

We added the option to ignore validations on a Salesforce integration action. Read More

Titan Docs

Different Dynamic Signers

You can add different dynamic signers in a Word template. The document can be sent to an unknown number of contacts linked to different accounts in Salesforce. Read the updated article

Titan Sign

Short URL

You can send a short URL to signers. Short URLs make it easier for users to access a specific webpage or resource, especially when sent via SMS. Read More

We added the short URL to Form_Builder__TitanSignBulkInstantUrl in Salesforce.

Titan Platform

Titan Products: Salesforce API version 57

Titan products were updated to Salesforce API version 57.

Salesforce API version 57 is the latest version of the Salesforce application programming interface (API) that allows you to access and manipulate your data and functionality in the Salesforce platform. You can find more details about API version 57 in the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes.

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We improved the styling options for the following elements:

  • multi-step container
  • carousel container

Please note that you can no longer create a variable on the fly by typing in the Return Record ID To field. You can still create a variable using the Add Variable option.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-152-1024x612.png

We fixed a styling bug on the slider element.

We made improvements to the map interactivity. You can now configure the following for the pin:

  • get multiple records;
  • add user interaction from a power table; and
  • add on click action.

The UI was incorrect when using the value of a drop-down element in a condition on another element. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug on the element search functionality where elements not part of the license type were incorrectly shown.

We made an improvement to ensure that the default time field can be applied to any field where it is used.

We fixed a styling bug on the icon of a drop-down element that affected the icon’s position when the size was changed.

An Every Time action on a specific project ran twice instead of only once. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug on a specific project with SmartV 2FA and a static personalized label on the user account.

We added support links to the related article for the new features that were part of the release notes in the past few weeks.

Our team fixed a bug that occurred when doing multiple push integrations together with the following integration actions: Run in background and Custom order of execution.

We added project styling to the repeat autofit container.

A hover modal showed incorrectly after logging in using SmartV. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug that affected the Cut and Paste functionality in the builder.

The Add an image modal was not visible when configuring PWA and adding an icon. We fixed this.

We added the option to view .txt files using the file viewer element.

Titan Survey

There was a bug on a survey with the “Save and resume” functionality switched on where users could not resume the survey. Our team fixed this.

Titan Docs

An error occurred when generating a template with HTML formatting for rich text (with images). Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug where the SSO platform login didn’t work for editors’ emails.

Titan Sign

We added support for a regular signature field within a repeat section. When you add a signature field in a section, it will repeat for each index of that section.

We fixed layout issues that affected the position of buttons on mobile devices in an RTL project.

Our team fixed layout issues that affected the SmartV login screen position on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Titan Flow

We added the option to update a record using the Titan Loader.

Titan Platform

We fixed a bug that occurred when filtering logs (Settings > Logs > Integrations).

A log will be created when an automation user is removed.

We fixed some cosmetic UI issues on Folders and the description of the associated folders on a project. Projects that were assigned to a folder will no longer be counted in that folder when the project is deleted.

We improved the folder functionality on the Dashboard. When cloning a project assigned to a folder, the cloned project is assigned to the same folder.

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