June 30th, 2023

New Features

Titan Docs

Word add-in: Signature Type - Initials

We added the signature type “Initials” to the Word add-in. Signers can now add initials to a document. Read More

Sign Sections, Signatures and Interactive fields in MS Word Footers

You can now add sign sections and interactive fields in the footers on a Word document. Read more about sign sections and dynamic signers.

Titan Sign

One Click Sign

With Titan Sign, you can use our new one-click sign functionality with which a signer configures their signature once. When they click on any other signature fields assigned to them, that signature is added automatically. Read More

Hide Preview Panel

Hide the preview panel on a document to make it less cluttered. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

When mapping the Record ID to a SmartV ID on the Document Generation Settings screen, the document wasn’t attached to an email as expected. We fixed this.

We improved the stacked line chart to show the legend and advanced legend correctly.

We fixed the resolution of a file viewer element on a mobile device layout.

Our team fixed an issue that occurred when there was a cancel action on a second Salesforce push in an Actions Flow.

We added the option to translate the message “Code was recently sent. Check your email or try again in 1 minute,” which is shown when the user clicks on the “Resend the Code” link on the SmartV log-in screen.

We improved the performance of the tab element that was slow to load on a large project.

We fixed a bug where concatenated values for the address finder widget didn’t populate the parameters correctly.

A drawer was incorrectly hidden, even when all the conditions were disabled. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug where other records could sign in using the SmartV functionality. Only a specific record should have been allowed.

We added the option to disable the animation preview to optimize the Web builder’s performance.

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Titan Forms

We added the option to style the checkboxes when the “Allow Selection” option was checked for table and list elements in Forms 2.0.

Titan Sign

There was a bug that inconsistently affected the borders of interactive elements. This was fixed.

The Sign hard preloader was added for Samsung devices.

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