June 17th, 2022

New Feature

Titan Web

Message when there is no collaborator or signer

When a collaborator or signer cannot be found in Salesforce, a message will be sent to the business owner so that they can delete the collaborator or signer. They can then either replace the collaborator/signer or continue without them.

Add a photo, record a video or add an audio clip from a mobile device

We have implemented a quick way to add a photo, record a video or add an audio clip when a user opens a web project from a mobile device. Read More

Style an individual column header

We added individual column header styling. Read More

Enable events on a YouTube video

You can now enable events on a YouTube video. For instance, if you add a YouTube video via URL or from Salesforce to a web project, you can set a message if someone plays the video and/or if they pause the video and/or watch it to the end. Read More

Titan Docs

Improved Swiss QR code

We improved the Swiss QR code for the Word add-in. This creates a unique QR code that encrypts payment details and can be scanned with a mobile device to initiate payment. The Swiss QR Barcode is used mainly in QR bills, a document designed to replace payment slips. It is used to automate electronic payment transactions in Switzerland. The Swiss QR Code can be distinguished from other QR codes as it has the Swiss cross sign in the center. Read More

Titan Survey

Auto Next Slide for Web surveys

We added the option Auto Next Slide under Interactivity on a Web survey. When a user answers a one-click question (such as Yes/No, star rating, or switch), the survey will automatically move to the next question without the user having to click the Next button. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We fixed a bug that occurred when adding widgets (elements that have their own Salesforce mapping, such as power tables, charts, scheduler, etc.). Users could not add them to multi-step containers, such as a stepper element or tabs.

There was a bug where the option Inherit from styles on Input fields was applied even when the option was unclicked. This was fixed.

A bug was fixed where the custom component could not be previewed.

The redundant mandatory property was removed from the Survey Ranking element under Interactivity.

There was a bug when Header/Footer was used in conjunction with a custom translation. This was fixed. Project Settings > Tools > Translation > Gear icon

There was a bug on power tables with a global filter and without a freeze header interactivity. The header disappeared when searching for something that won’t show on the table. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug where deleting multiple records showed only one record on the integration log. All deleted records will now be shown on the integration log.

We fixed the responsiveness of an e-commerce catalog on smaller mobile devices for right-to-left layouts.

The was a bug where a corrupted Word document was produced in an exported project instead of the Excel DocGen download. We fixed this.

We have improved the placing of elements for mobile devices (using the auto layout option) and desktop layouts. These elements didn’t show on desktop layouts after they were placed on the mobile layout. We made improvements to the stepper element on mobile device layouts.

We fixed a bug in the Translation Settings for Header/Footer and Drawer/Modal, where the list of elements was the same for each setting. The settings for Header/Footer and Drawer/Modal are now customized. Project Settings > Tools > Translation > Header/Footer or Drawer/Modal

We fixed a bug where the Hide onload didn’t work to hide a tab or step in a container, for instance, Tab, Stepper, or Accordion containers.  Element > Content > Edit Mapping > Kebab icon > Hide onload

We added the option to set value rules on an Image Choice element (under Survey).

Titan Forms

We fixed a bug when exporting submissions.

There was a bug on Titan Forms Lite when adding Titan Files in the Admin mode or selecting a recent project.  This was fixed.

We fixed bugs where Salesforce translation from picklists with one value was not working well with global picklists and picklists in custom and standard objects.

Dropbox updated how their API key token works. This caused the Titan-Dropbox integration to return an expired token error. We updated our Dropbox token API.

Titan Docs

There was a bug that returned an empty value for a custom label and a translation on the Get action, and if the language was missing. The fix will get the original language value.

Titan Survey

We fixed cosmetic bugs on the custom preloader for surveys. Project Settings > Site Elements > Custom Loader > Gear icon.

Titan Sign

There was a bug when prepopulating Titan Wizard Sign from Salesforce Flow. The document did not render for the user to preview and drag the input fields and signatures. That was fixed, and now the document renders well.

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