July 8th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Advanced legend

We added advanced legend styling to the Y-axis for charts. Read More

Number formatting options

We added more number formatting options to the Y-axis on charts. This will provide more flexibility for to user to decide which format is more suitable for his data set.

Floating footer

We added a floating footer to Web projects. Read More

Render Chart as Power Table Subcomponent

We made improvements to the styling of a rendered chart as a power table subcomponent. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The validate action was not working correctly with the Tab Order wizard: when the fields were invalid, the focus would not go to the first field on the tab order but to the first field added to the project. We fixed this.

We fixed an issue where setting filtering and grouping, and sorting on one device size will be automatically passed to other device layouts.

There was a bug when removing static values from Image Choice Element and then adding new values where the values were duplicated. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug when mapping Hash values for file download to a power field from a formula field.

There was a duplicated Border option on some Input field elements. We removed one option.

We made a few cosmetic changes to the menu option on Actions Flow.

We fixed several bugs in Web for Edit mode of DocGen.

We fixed some style and UI issues with input fields, button groups, radio buttons and custom icons.

We added a confirmation message that will show if a user tries to delete a strip or container with content. This will ensure that the content is not accidentally deleted.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-514.png

We fixed a bug that simultaneously turned on the drawer when turning on a heading for a page.

There was a bug when trying to change the size of an IFrame with a saved class. We fixed the rendering of elements with different units in width style.

We removed the option to set height on the X- and Y-axis of a horizontal bar chart element.

We fixed a bug where the background color only worked for a regular strip. Now it works for a repeated strip and repeated column as well.

We fixed a bug where the scroller size on a power table could not be changed.

There was a bug that showed an empty error message if the power table was submitted before making any changes. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug where the Selection column in a power table could not be resized.

There was a bug where the date-range calendar didn’t align properly for mobile display mode.

We made a cosmetic change that fixed the space that disappeared when a form inside a button group was hidden or shown.

Titan Sign

There was a time-out error in large Word templates with dynamic fields. When updating the template, it will now recognize the already configured fields and will not time out.

We made cosmetic changes to the UI.

Titan Platform

We made cosmetic changes to the left panel on the Dashboard under Projects and Folders.

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