July 1st, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Dependent picklists in power tables

We added dependent picklists to power tables. Read More

Limit the number of user selections on list elements

We added an option that lets you limit the number of selections a user can make on a Survey list element. Read More

Change icon position on a button

We added the ability to position the icon before the text or after the text. Read More

Floating Menu on Actions Flow

We moved the options that were available under the Kebab menu (next to a Rule) to the floating menu on the left side of the Actions Flow. Read More

Titan Survey

Limit the number of user selections on list elements

We added an option that lets you limit the number of selections a user can make on a Survey list element. Read More

Alignment added to the start and finish slides

We added alignment to the start and finish slides on a survey. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

There was a flashing 404 screen when a user tried to add a strip element into a container. Users will now not be allowed to add a strip element to any container.

We fixed an address validation bug.

There was a bug when adding a stepper to the small device display option. The container wasn’t resizing correctly. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug on the percentage sizing for a button in an autofit container.

There was a bug when adding events to a YouTube video. The Play event was triggered every few seconds. This was fixed.

The value [Object, Object] was returned when generating a document with Web fields with the following empty fields: Checkbox, Radio, Dropdown and Button group. This bug was fixed.

There was a bug where an element overlapped with the + icon of a strip and the + icon could not be accessed. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug where the icon on a button wouldn’t disappear even when the Icon setting was switched off.

There was an issue with radio buttons in a repeat strip that was fixed.

We moved the X (Close) button to the right top corner of the Add Node screen. It erroneously floated outside the modal in the top right corner of the screen.

There was a bug that didn’t push values for the Ranking element to Salesforce unless the order was changed. We fixed it so that values are pushed regardless of the order changing.

We fixed various bugs for card mode in power tables with regard to selection and filtering. There was an issue when combining pagination and filter interactivity as well as selection and quick edit. These were fixed.

We fixed some style and UI issues with drop-down, radio, and text area fields.

There was a bug where a default value in a radio button was not kept on a repeat strip. We fixed it.

We fixed a bug when creating a new page by importing it from a different project or a different page on the same project. The layout for different devices was not copied as well.

We fixed issues with the LiveU core system. There was a bug in custom modal sizing, where manually changing the modal size set the height value to a minimum height and not a height in style. We fixed the power table with CAD mode scrolling in mobile layouts.

Continual form navigation was not working if the current step was not validated. Users are now allowed to set elements as mandatory.

We made a cosmetic UI ix on power tables.

We fixed a bug, and now button colors can be changed in the error/success modals in smaller devices.


We fixed an inline edit bug on power tables.

There was a bug where the validation action for a Salesforce action didn’t happen even when the mandatory fields were not filled in.

Titan Docs

Word Add-in: We fixed issues in the Swiss QR Code 1 where the code didn’t generate when the account was set dynamically. We updated the validations for mandatory fields (those marked with *). Mandatory fields will be enforced.

Word add-in: We fixed an issue with UTF-16 encoded templates that failed to render and that resulted in an “Error while rendering document” message.

Word add-in: There was an issue where publishing a template to an existing project did not update the changes made.

We fixed a bug on the DocGen button in Salesforce where attaching multiple attachments to an email resulted in not all of them going through in an email. A user can now attach multiple files with a total sum of 30 MB.

Titan Survey

We fixed a bug where the scroll for templates was not working properly.

We changed the color of the font on the survey styles and custom styles modal UIs.

We fixed various cosmetic layout and style issues on Web survey, specifically, some issues with LTR align elements to the left and center.

We fixed an issue that caused a survey to become slower and slower on some mobile devices.

Titan Sign

An error occurred when adding a signature in Inline Draw mode (under Settings). We fixed this.

Titan Flow

When a parameter was closed, we fixed a bug that caused all the parameters to close. We made several UI changes to Flow. For instance, we changed the color and icon of Flow, and we changed the X icons with Delete icons:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-512-1024x607.png

Titan Platform

We fixed cosmetic UI display issues with project filters.

We made a cosmetic change on the Export Projects screen when exporting a project from the Dashboard.

The bug on the form submissions permissions and form read permissions for manually added Collaborators was fixed.

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