January 6th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

System Custom Variables – OpenerRef

If you have a Titan Web project that is embedded in a website, and a user is redirected to this web page from another website (for instance, an advertisement in Google that redirects a user to your webpage), the OpenerRef system variable will return the URL information of the website from which the user was redirected. Read More

Titan Survey

Customize Element Styling

You can now customize the style for various elements to suit your business needs. Read more

Titan Sign

Configure a Company Signature

Change a regular signature element to a company signature. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

Our team deployed an update to resolve the issue with opening the interactive sign widget in mobile.

We resolved the issue with the Sign document templates not displaying correctly.

Our team updated the issue with the table sizing render.

Our team resolved the issue affecting Gets displaying as invalid.

The bug affecting the resizing for Tab containers is now resolved.

We fixed the bug affecting the barcode scanner on mobile devices.

The issue that affects how a document is rendering conditioned data is resolved.

We resolved an issue with the embedded custom modal displays.

Titan Docs

Our team resolved the issue with how documents display on mobile devices.

We resolved the issue affecting the data filters.

Titan CLM

We fixed the bug affecting the Titan Sign Tracking of collaborator mails.

Titan Sign

We resolved the issue with the bulk sign displaying the incorrect email.

Our team resolved the bug that affected the image signature not displaying when large signature images were submitted.

Our team added styling options for the borders of elements.

Titan Flow

The bug that affected the Flow Pardot action sending data is now resolved.

Our team resolved an issue when combining a push and email action.

We deployed a fix to resolve the issue that affected merge files not sending to Salesforce.

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