January 26th, 2024

New Features

Titan Web

Clone Salesforce Integrations

We added the option to clone Salesforce integrations, saving you time and effort and minimizing mistakes.

Read more about cloning Push integrations.

Read more about cloning Get integrations.

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We improved the styling options of the accordion container.

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We fixed a bug that cleared the background color when adding a new step to a stepper container in a specific scenario.

Our team fixed certain actions for a stepper container in a repeat strip, such as validation, which didn’t work correctly.

We improved the project and element styling for the separation line on the text comparison widget.

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For more information on the widget, click here.

We made improvements to the doughnut chart. You can now add different values to the chart on the Mapping screen. These values can only be used for tooltip mapping.

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Our team fixed a bug where some rows in a power table seemed to overlap when the hide and show functionalities under table interactivity were used.

Users could configure a page action that mapped variables to the elements in repeat autofit containers. This was not correct and we fixed the bug.

The stepper interactivity always returned to the first step instead of the previous one. Our team fixed this bug.

We fixed a bug that occurred when using the Preview Tag option under Site Elements (Project settings) where the tag didn’t display correctly.

A dependent picklist didn’t work as expected on a Firefox incognito window. Our team fixed this.

We resolved issues where the formatted date and time fields didn’t map correctly to the Page and Project variables.

The ftGetValueByID did not return a formatted date value as expected. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug in a repeated strip where the lookup element caused the page to jump to a previous strip.

The power table styling on a header column was lost when the card mode was used. Our team resolved this.

When setting the phone number country code with a URL variable condition, an error occurred, and the flag associated with the country code wasn’t shown. We fixed this.

Our team resolved a bug where the static labels of elements, such as a drop-down list or accordion container, were not automatically populated on the Translation Settings screen.

When creating a new RTL power table with multiple columns, the header text was not aligned with the body text. This was fixed.

Edited .sfdt and .docx documents can now be saved as .pdf.

Learn more about the editing option for document generation.

An error occurred when using a SmartV login and then redirecting to an internal page. Our team resolved it.

We fixed a bug that caused an incorrect warning to be triggered.

We fixed some issues with the actions flow rule: the Clone option didn’t work, and the popup menu wasn’t hidden again if no option was selected.

Titan Survey

The buttons in an email survey didn’t display the same way in Outlook as in Gmail. This was resolved.

We improved the element styling on an email survey so that the content will be wrapped when it no longer fits on one line.

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Titan Docs

We change the date format in the Excel add-in from numbers (for instance, 1986-09-04) to letters (for example, YYYY-MM-DD).

The border between rows in a single-column table didn’t display correctly. Our team resolved this bug.

Titan Sign

The second signer received a blank document when the Salesforce data option “Store in files” was on. Our team resolved this issue.

The Sign Now button wasn’t shown when the Custom View checkbox was selected. This was not correct, and we fixed it.

There was a very peculiar bug where the interactive fields on a specific page always disappeared when the document was opened on Firefox and sometimes disappeared on Chrome. Our team fixed this.

We resolved an issue where it was possible to submit an unsigned document when the Finish Sign button was clicked.

We improved the feature where multiple signers can sign a document on a single device. When the interactive documents are in a stepper, the On Submit action will go to the next step after the signers have signed.

Titan Flow

In some scenarios, a PDF was not converted, and an email was not sent when the Flow was triggered from Titan Web. We fixed this.

Titan Ecommerce

We added the option to translate the elements on the e-commerce widget.

Titan Platform

We added a notification with more information when a third-party integration didn’t authenticate correctly.

You can now use ftGetEnvParamValue() for an environment variable when configuring a custom head or using custom JavaScript.

We made a minor cosmetic fix on the Export current account logs screen.

Salesforce submissions couldn’t be viewed on a project but only on the Dashboard > My Submissions when clicking the View logs button. We made a fix, and you can now view the submissions on the project itself.

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