December 30th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Power Table - Aria-Label

There is now Aria Label functionality for Power Tables. Read More

Power Table - Hide Tooltips

Tooltips for Power Tables can now be hidden. Read More

Titan Docs

Map Sections/Tables from Web Project

We added new mappings for a repeat section and table from Web projects and Submissions.

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The permanent tooltip now operates effectively on the Slider element.

When opening a modal, the labels in a lookup field now display correctly.

Enhanced the UI and understanding of the UI.

The inline edit icon now responds correctly on Power Tables.

A number of bugs pertaining to the user interface on debug mode in Titan mobile have been resolved.

Issues with the size and position of the inner modal have been fixed.

For Multi Step interactivity, the new functionality to scroll to the top or bottom of a step now works correctly.

The line in a vertical stepper now operates optimally.

When adding a repeated strip, the Circle slider no longer loses its default value.

An issue was resolved whereby rules were being triggered by a scroll in the browser.

A number of Strip styling bugs were fixed.

The placeholders and inputs of Classic, Filled and Outlined variant input fields now display the required indents.

Chinese translations are now error-free.

SmartV captions are now functioning.

The user interface for Translation settings now works correctly when selecting multiple languages.

A number of bugs pertaining to the sizing of elements were resolved.

The User CSS option was missing from the element styling for input elements. This is now resolved.

Duplicate font options for both project and element styling have been removed.

The translation settings error has been fixed.

Titan Forms

 Emails with merged documents are now correctly delivered for custom Get files.

Titan Docs

A number of bugs impacting image quality and presentation have been resolved.

Images from a URL were not aligning correctly. This bug is fixed.

Titan CLM

The owner of a project is no longer able to access emails intended for collaborators.

Titan Sign

There was a bug in the user interface for Titan mobile. This has been resolved.

In order to fix a bug, the position of input fields on a mobile device has been adjusted.

 A bug was present when uploading an edited custom view document template. This issue is fixed.

The ‘Image not found’ error no longer displays on the image element.

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