Learn about Basic Information

What is included in Basic Information?

Use the Basic Information option to change your Account Name and Email address.

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  • 0:11 Learn about My Account.
  • 0:24 We show you how to modify Profile details.
  • 0:50 Learn how to modify emails.

How do I Update Basic Information?

  1. Select the My Account tab. The Profile subtab opens by default when the My Account screen opens.
My Account option screen
My Account option
  1. Do the following to update your Basic Information:
    • You can use the edit button to change your First and Last Names.
    • You can use the edit button to change your Email Address. Make sure that the email address is new. An existing email address will show an error message.
Basic Information screen
Basic Information screen

Existing email address error message screen:


When you update the Basic Information, the edit button changes to the Save button, select the Save button to save the changes.

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