Titan Sign Analytics for Salesforce

Business Background

The Titan Analytics in Salesforce lets you get Titan Sign analytics out of the box in one place.

Titan Solution

  • The Titan Sign Analytics is a one-stop dashboard that gives a visual display of the sign data and easy-to-access reports.
  • All the analytics are based on Salesforce data.

How to Video

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How to Guide

  1. Search for “analytics”.
  2. Click on the Titan Sign Analytics app. The Titan Sign Analytics tab opens.
Search for "analytics"
Search for “analytics”

The following analytics are available:

Titan Sign Analytics tab

All data used by Titan CLM and Sign, such as tracking data, changes made by collaborators, comments or signatures added, etc., is stored in Salesforce. You can also create your own reports in Salesforce to view sign analytics. The listed analytics above are part of our package; you can create more reports based on your data.

Click here for more information on Salesforce reports and dashboards.

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