SmartV Login Settings Overview

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Determine the session duration for a SmartV web project. The user will have access to the web project for the number of minutes configured.

Alternatively, you can choose not to add a session duration, and the user will be allowed unrestricted time on the web project.

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How to Guide

  1. Browse to the Log In screen.

Browse to the log in screen: Pages > SmartV > Log In

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  1. Use the Gear icon of the Log In screen. The Log In Settings screen opens.
Gear icon
Gear icon
  1. Under Overview, select one the options:
    • Session Duration: Set the time a user will be allowed on the page with his log-in details in minutes. Users will be required to log in again when this time is passed.
      • Please note that the session duration cannot be longer than 525 600 minutes.
    • Disable session: If you don’t want to restrict the user to a timed session, select this checkbox. The Session Duration option is greyed out.
    • Shared web session: Make sure you authenticate the same object for different Web projects.
    • Auto focus: Select this option to automatically place the cursor in the first field of the Login or Verification screens.
    • Configure SmartV: Select this button to open the Configure SmartV screen.
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