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Make your Salesforce Forms even more versatile, with a few clicks and no code.

Titan Solution

Titan lets you add versatility to your forms for Salesforce. You can configure actions on a form, such as resetting or submitting the form, or making it read-only.

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How to Guide

In this example, we add the form interactivity to a button.

On Click Action icon for Salesforce Forms Interactivity
On Click Action icon
  1. Select the On Click Action icon. The On Click Action screen opens.
Icon for Interactivity for Salesforce Forms
+ icon
  1. Select the + icon. The Add Node screen opens.
Add Node screen for Salesforce Forms
Add Node screen
  1. Under Element Interactivity, select the Form Interactivity option and select the Next button. The Add Node/Form Interactivity screen opens.
Add node and Form Interactivity for Salesforce
Add Node/Form Interactivity
1ResetUse the Reset option to reset the form.
2SubmitUse the Submit option to submit the form.
3Next pageUse the Next page option to go to the next page.
4Prev PageUse the Prev Page option to go to the previous page.
5Go to PageUse the Go to Page option to go to a selected page. A Static or Field option is added to configure the page.
6Validate fieldsUse the Validate fields option to validate fields. A Map results drop-down is added to configure the validation.
7Is ChangedUse the Is Changed option to set what happens if the user changes any field in the form.
8Reset Changed State FlagUse the Reset Changed State Flag option to reset the flag when any change was made.
9DisabledUse the Disabled option to disable the form.
10EnableUse the Enabled option to enable the form.
11Set as mandatoryUse the Set as mandatory option to set all the fields in the form as mandatory.
12Set as not mandatoryUse the Set as not mandatory option to set all the fields in the form as not mandatory.
13Read Only FormUse the Read Only Form option to make the form read-only.
14Editable FormUse the Editable option to make the form editable.

Want to learn more about the Titan/ Salesforce Integration. Check out our Forms on the AppExchange or read up on our Salesforce integrated forms.

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