Rotate Image

Business Background

The File Viewer option gives a customer the advantage of quickly previewing an uploaded image before sending it.

Titan Solution

With Titan Web, allow users to rotate an uploaded image before dispatch.

How to Video

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How to Guide

You can use this option to rotate an image when you view it.

  1. Select the expand (+) icon next to the settings icon in Titan Web. A list of elements will show.
  2. Select the Widget option from the list.
  3. Select and drag the File Viewer element to the canvas.
  4. Choose the Gear icon to open the File Viewer Settings screen.
  5. Under Interactivity, select the Allow Rotate checkbox.
  6. Select the Save and Preview buttons.
File Viewer element settings screen
File Viewer element settings screen

The Rotate button was added to a preview of an image. This is not applicable to a document.

Rotate button added to preview
Rotate button added to preview

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