Export Debug File

Business Background

Debug effectively and with no code.

Titan Solution

Titan lets you download a debug CSV file to use the full range of analytical tools offered by Excel.

How to Video

This video shows you how to export a debug file in Titan Web.

  • 00:00 Introduction to the tutorial.
  • 0:16 Prerequisite to have the Debug mode On.
  • 0:30 Preview the file.
  • 0:51 View Debug mode.
  • 1:12 Learn about our new feature when exporting data – a new icon added ‘Debug Project‘.
  • 1:55 A quick recap on how to easily export a debug file.

How to Guide



Make sure that the Debug option is on.

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  1. Save and Preview the project.
  2. Select the Debug button. The Debug Project screen opens.
Debug button
Debug button
  1. Select the Export button. The exported CSV file is downloaded to your local computer.
Export icon
Export icon

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