Comparison Card Widget

Business Background

Compare information in a card format with simple rows and columns.

Titan Solution

With Titan Web, you can add a comparison card to visually display comparisons.

How to Video

Coming soon.

How to Guide

  1. Click on the + icon to add an element.
  2. Under Widgets, drag the Comparison Card widget to the canvas.
  1. Click the Gear icon to open the Settings screen.
  2. Click the Configure button.
  1. Change the labels as needed.
  2. Click the Add Column option to add more columns.
  3. If necessary, click the Choose icon button to add an icon to the column. The Select icon screen opens.
  1. Search for an icon and click the Apply button. The icon is added to the column.
  1. Repeat the steps to add icons to all the columns if needed.
  2. Click the Rows option.
  1. Change the labels as needed.
  2. Click the Add Rows option to add more rows.
  3. Click the Apply button.
  1. Save and Preview the project.
  1. Configure a Salesforce Get and map the element to the Salesforce field.
  2. Click the Apply button.

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