Change Content Alignment


Change the position of the content on your Titan Survey, using a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • You can align the contents on your slides to the left, center, or right of the slides as per your business needs.
  • This feature affects only the contents and not the buttons on the slides.
  • All Titan Web Surveys work with data pulled directly from Salesforce, and customer responses sync straight back to Salesforce, ensuring complete automation for your surveys.

How to Video

Coming Soon.

How to Guide

After creating all the necessary questions, change Content Alignment.

  1. Click on the Web Survey Styles button.
Web Survey Styles button
Web Survey Styles button
  1. Select the Content Position Left option to align your content to the left.
Button Position options - Left
Button Position options – Left
  1. Select the Content Position Center option to center your content.
  2. Select the Content Position Right option to align your content to the right.
Button Position options - Center
Button Position options – Center

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