September 30th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

+50 Mb Download File Protection

There is now added protection against the download of files over 50 MB. Read More

Country Location by IP

We added an option for Country Location assignment according to IP in System Variable. Read More

Pelecard Payment Method

We introduced Pelecard payment method. Read More

Lookup Element - From Object Condition

The Lookup element now supports From Object conditions. Read our updated Configure Lookup article here.

Breadcrumb Component

We added a new feature for users to navigate through pages using the breadcrumbs. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

There was a bug where the on-click action did not function on the two side sections, this is now resolved.

We resolved a bug where the get was not executed in on-load actions.

Our team remedied the issue with hidden strips in a multi-push using Rep and nonrepeat fields.

There was an update applied to resolve consistency in repeat conditions, conditions will now repeat correctly

We fixed an issue when deleting a step in stepper but the fields in that step were not truly deleted.

The Settings Menu overlapping display issue no longer occurs.

There was an issue where Steppers did not function correctly and Mapping could not be edited if there was a CoEdit. This is resolved.

We resolved the bug occurring with the PowerTable styling filters.

The tree view element now displays correctly when in debug mode.

The bug that caused the orientation option to display in the translation settings was resolved.

Our team resolved the bug that occurred with content displaying in vertical mode.

Titan Survey

Our team updated support links.

Titan Docs

We updated the generate doc from the listview screen.

Titan Sign

An update was successfully deployed to rectify the error where PDF documents did not upload correctly.

The instance of the CLM document not displaying text when using read out loud feature, is resolved.

We fixed the issue with captions not displaying correctly.

The bug that occurred with re-assigning interactive fields reflected in the document is fixed.

We resolved the PUSH bug that was occurring.

Our team deployed a fix to resolve the text style location configuration.

We amended the auto archive option to only appear if the feature is enabled.

We amended the standard Generate button in Salesforce Listview to include Titan Sign projects.

Our team deployed an update to resolve the API migration error.

The duplicated field bug has been resolved.

Titan Platform

We applied a cosmetic change to the UI on the Dashboard.

The issue when assigning permissions to collaborators, all projects from environments would display is resolved. Only projects from the current environment will now display.

We improved the archive process to make it more efficient.

The bug that affected the last log-in date displaying incorrectly was resolved.

Status alerts are now different for the United States of America and Europe.

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