October 13th, 2023

New Features

Titan Sign

Letter Spacing

We added an option to space the alphanumeric contents on labels and input fields on PDF templates. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

There was a bug on the conditions of a file upload element. This was fixed.

We fixed the following issues on the responsive modal:

  • Setting the width to auto-resize caused an error.
  • For LWC, the modal didn’t display correctly.
  • The added element was duplicated when adding a container, field elements, or widgets to a container.
  • When using Shift and Drag, an element could not be moved to another strip.
  • The modal strip didn’t resize correctly to fit the element.
  • Adding an IFrame or gallery element caused a JS error.

We added support to translate action flows messages.

We made an improvement to the CSV file that is downloaded for bulk translations. The Value column now has the original values.

Our team fixed a bug where the address results were not filtered correctly.

We added support for repeat autofit container in a modal.

We added the option to use variables on the repeat autofit container.

A strip with repeated columns could not be hidden. Our team fixed this bug.

Titan Sign

We fixed a cosmetic bug where some mandatory fields were shown with a red border before the validation was done.

You can now select both a file and a template when using the Sigh Wizard in Salesforce. For more information on the Sign Wizard, click here.

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Titan Platform

You can now upload WEBM video files when you open a case. For more information on how to open a support case, click here.

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