May 20th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Option to hide the expansion arrow

We added an option to hide the expansion arrow. This will also allow the user to create a custom icon and style it as necessary. Read More

Send files to an external API or Flow process

If you have a Web project where a user can upload file/s, it  could be pushed to Salesforce, or to external storage (such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, or OneDrive)or sent to an external custom API using Titan Flow. Read More

Titan Forms

We added an exciting new feature called Titan Forms Lite

This new feature will allow business users in Salesforce to send a mail to any recipient in or outside the organization to update a Salesforce record.

Here are some examples where Titan Forms Lite can be very useful:

  • A sales agent initiates an onboarding process for the customer.
  • An opportunity or order can be approved by signing it.
  • An non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or an ISO compliance document can be uploaded to a customer record, etc.

Read More

A log is created in Salesforce for downloaded documents

Each time a document is downloaded, a log is created in Salesforce. 

You can set up a custom object that, for instance, has a date and the username of the person who downloads the document. Read More

Titan Survey

Survey URL added to custom email by default

The survey URL ({!FT_Web_Survey_URL}) is added to a custom email by default. If the URL is deleted, an error message is displayed. The user will not be able to continue without adding the web URL to the body of the email. Read More

Titan Flow

Titan Flow integration with Microsoft OneDrive

We added a new feature that lets Titan Flow integrate with Microsoft OneDrive.
This new integration between Titan and OneDrive lets you upload documents generated and submitted in Titan Flow to your OneDrive storage, allowing you to manage your files in one place and save your Salesforce storage. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

There were auto and manual sizing issues in a repeat strip in a stepper in a form. The buttons also didn’t display in the correct position. These were fixed.

We fixed the following cosmetic bugs for the Textarea field element:

  • Text alignment in Multi select picklist field and dropdown field elements.
  • Text alignment for the Radio button element.
  • Layout of the Style panel for a dropdown element.

The Get records to a power table referencing a field outside the power table from a button and condition didn’t work. These were fixed.

In a carousel slide, images were displayed on top of one another. This was fixed.

When mapping an image from the Salesforce “rich text” field, the images from external links did not display. Only images stored in Salesforce were displayed. This was fixed and stored images, and images from external links can be displayed.

We made the following cosmetic changes for strips:

  • Strip styling options were better aligned.
  • When editing the Ratings element, an extra line was added incorrectly at the end of the form. 
  • Some strips incorrectly overlapped.

We fixed a bug for charts where the columns were not synced to the data if there was no data in some of the columns on the X-Axis.

We made changes to the ftGetValueByID function. If true it will return the value of the element or field, and if false it will return either the label or the item in the drop-down list.

When adding text to the metadata tag and label, some characters disappeared. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug on Tab elements where setting the action from the kebab icon was not working. 

Path: Tab Element > Gear icon > Tab Settings > Content > Edit Mapping > Configure Tabs > Kebab icon > Include an action

On Stepper Settings, there are Use Dot Style and Vertical settings. When choosing Use Dot Style, the Vertical option is no longer available. It is not possible to select both Vertical and Use Dot Style for the same stepper element. Read More


We fixed a bug on pie charts where the source selection for the Y-Axis field was affecting the X-Axis field.

We fixed some bugs on Power Tables: 

  • A custom value with a condition didn’t create the rows correctly. 
  • The Auto-resize height option on PowerTable styling didn’t populate the power table correctly. 
  • The Auto Grow option on Interactivity on PowerTableSettings didn’t work correctly.
  • Subcomponent cards didn’t display properly. 

We fixed sizing issues in Repeat Strip elements inside have a form with a stepper.

We fixed a bug where an individual column in a strip could not be hidden on load. A Hide Onload Column option was added to Strip Column Settings.

Titan Survey

We fixed the following cosmetic bugs:

  • You can now change the height of a line with decimal values.
  • The displays for mobile devices showed multiple slides in the builder, instead of just the current slide.
  • Text style alignment didn’t display correctly.

We fixed the following bugs:

  • The question on a slide kept the formatting from the email content and could not be edited in rich text format. This was fixed.
  • The setting for the content position overrode the button settings. This was fixed.
  • Unnecessary blank spaces were removed from the email body and content.

We removed the Configure On Click Action and Confirmation options from Scroll Containers as it made no sense to configure an on-click action or confirmation message on a scroll container.

We fixed different alignment and sizing issues on Web Survey.

We fixed a bug in prefix/postfix for star ratings in Email Survey.

Titan Sign

We fixed a bug where files and attachments were ignored in Sign wizard.

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