July 28th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Improvements

We are in the process of improving Accessible Rich Internet Applications for Titan Web elements. We have made enhancements to the quantity counter element. Read More

Lottie Animation Interactivity

We improved the animation interactivity for Lottie items. Read More

Titan Sign

Overall Enhancements

We have resolved multiple issues that occurred on older model mobile devices and browsers. Additionally, we have enhanced the stability of interactive fields throughout the entire signing process, from the builder stage to the preview of the document and, ultimately, in the final PDF document. Signing a document on multiple pages is now easier, whether the sign elements are on the page, in sign sections, or in the header/footer. Our sign wizard has also been improved to provide a more intuitive guide for signers to locate all the fields that need to be signed. When signers that seem different but are on the same record (have the same email address) have to sign multiple fields on a document, they’ll only receive one email prompt, making the process smoother. The company mode signature was also improved.

Titan Platform

User Permissions on Folders

We have added the option to configure permissions for different users for the Folders on your environment. Users with permissions can view and/or edit folders. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The styling on the drop-down list element didn’t display as expected. This was fixed.

When an interactive document was emailed from a Web project, the data from the repeated autofit container was lost. The format for the date and the checkbox didn’t show as selected. There was an issue with the forced right-aligned text. We fixed these issues.

We improved the performance of a project with multiple animation elements.

There was a bug where the elements were not displayed in the correct order on the project’s Layer List. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a styling bug on the counter element.

The option on Affected Elements to hide the file viewer didn’t work as expected. Our team fixed this.

There were issues with the tracker and button group elements. These were fixed.

We added the option to style the direction of the scrollbar container. There are three options: Auto, Right, and Left. The auto option corresponds to the project’s orientation; in other words, on an LTR project, the scrollbar is on the right.

A tooltip unexpectedly appeared for mandatory fields. We fixed this bug.

Our team resolved a bug that occurred when a modal was opened, and the focus wasn’t on an element on the modal but on an element on the background page.

We have fixed a problem that occurred when clicking or hovering over the contents of an autofit container, especially on devices smaller than a tablet (L).

The elements in an RTL scroll container were aligned to the left. This was fixed.

We made styling enhancements to the shape input elements.

We fixed styling bugs on the quantity counter element and the scroll container.

When a document was sent to multiple recipients using the Loop functionality, only the first recipient received the document as an email attachment. The other recipients didn’t receive the attachments. Our team fixed this.

Titan Forms

Please note that PDF mapping on Forms 1.0 has been deprecated, and we no longer support deprecated modules. We advise that you use Titan Sign or Titan Docs.

Titan Sign

Our team resolved a bug where the interactive fields on a document unexpectedly moved when a document was downloaded and uploaded again.

There was a bug where some signature elements were not displayed when a document was uploaded. We fixed this.

We resolved several issues impacting the Sign Now functionality on an interactive document.

Our team made a cosmetic UI change to the confirmation message shown when the next signer on the same device must sign.

We improved the display of input elements for static and dynamic documents.

Titan Platform

We improved the process of logging a support case.

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