July 14th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Web SmartV - Wrong OTP

Control what happens when a user uses the wrong OTP when logging in to your project. Read More

Titan Sign

Configure Reply to Emails

You can now control where email replies are sent to. You can add a static address, send the reply to the current Salesforce user, or use an organization-wide address. Read More

Insert Interactive Fields

We have added the option to select the type and size of interactive document fields in a Word template. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

When clicking the drop-down arrow on a file upload element on a long LWC page, the page jumped away from the file upload element to the top of the screen. We fixed this bug.

When Custom JavaScript was used, an incorrect error message was shown, and the script could not be applied. This was fixed.

Our team fixed a bug that occurred where the Form Interactivity “Disable” didn’t disable all the elements in the form.

When using the file upload element with the input variant “Button,” the uploaded file was incorrectly replaced when another file was added. This was fixed.

The elements on a repeated strip were not visible in Debug mode. Our team fixed this issue.

The elements on a modal were incorrectly listed twice on the Affect Elements node. We fixed this.

We added the option to select the terminal language. This is the language of the “message” and “user message” fields. The options are Hebrew and English.

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For more information on Credit Guard payments, read more ...

Our team fixed a bug in the Multistep Interactivity where “Go to step” didn’t work with the value of the multi-stepper.

There was a bug on constant variables that we fixed.

We removed a duplicated styling menu on the SmartV Log In screen.

Titan Docs

It was not possible to add a rich text field from a Titan Web project to a Word template. We added this.

Our team fixed a bug where SVG images didn’t render in Word templates.

We fixed a bug that occurred on an interactive document on an iPhone where the pinch zoom function didn’t work as expected.

In an interactive document with mappings from a Web project with a repeated strip with date and time fields, the date format in the table and the section in the Word add-in didn’t work as expected. We fixed this.

We added the option to format fields from a Web project (in a repeat strip) in a Word add-in template. We fixed a bug where different lines were generated to a single line in the document. We also fixed an issue with the checkbox formatting.

We fixed a bug that occurred on the Swiss QR code and Swiss Invoice QR code in the Word add-in.

Titan Sign

We fixed a bug on the zoom functionality that didn’t work as expected. There was also an issue with the hard loader that was resolved.

There was an error message when sending a document using an organizational-wide email address. Our team fixed this.

A user was able to open documents sent with a bulk sign using the URL after the document was already signed. This should not have been possible, and our team fixed the issue.

There was a bug that caused incomplete rendering of some pages in a lengthy  PDF document. This was fixed.

The signature field in the footer of RTL and LTR documents moved on desktop and mobile devices. Our team fixed this.

We fixed the font size of the company data in the signature field on mobile devices, which was bigger than the signature field.

There was a bug on a hidden field where the condition always got the same value. This was fixed.

Our team fixed an issue where the signature fields in different footers weren’t displayed as expected.

We resolved several issues that occurred when previewing an interactive document and affected signature elements in the footer.

We have made changes to the layout for mobile devices to ensure that the inline signatures render correctly and that the button sizes are optimized.

We enhanced the email address validation for Sign projects.

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