February 9th, 2024

New Features

Titan Web

Export Project

You can now export a project from within the project builder instead of from the Dashboard. This way, you can be 100% sure you are exporting the correct project. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We standardized the label for download actions to “Download.”

Our team added protection to prevent endless loops when creating specific conditions that affect elements’ visibility.

We made a cosmetic UI change to the Salesforce Integration screen so that the API error message can be expanded and all the information can be seen.

A Salesforce Get with read-only values that was cloned to a Salesforce Push sometimes caused an error. Our team fixed this.

You can now reset the Salesforce subscription event with the click of a button.

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Learn more about Salesforce Integration Events.

We improved how the Convert to PDF functionality works, and images bigger than A4 can now successfully be converted to PDF.

When the translation functionality was enabled without translations added to the project, unexpected errors occurred. This was fixed.

A responsive modal on a project embedded in LWC didn’t open correctly. Our team resolved this issue.

We fixed a bug where some elements were not shown in the Debug functionality.

When deleting a rule on a Conditions node with multiple rules, the contents of the deleted rules seemed to be added to the remaining rule/s. This cosmetic issue was fixed.

When duplicating a project, the hide-per-device definitions in the project header were not working correctly. Our team fixed this.

We resolved a bug that occurred when running a Clear Row Selection interactivity on a power table.

We made a small cosmetic UI change on the Project Settings > Tools list of options.

The VoiceOver accessibility on an iPhone didn’t work for drop-down lists, and no selection could be made. We fixed this.

Our team resolved an issue where the messages configured to show when fields were validated didn’t display in the correct position on the screen.

Following Google Chrome’s latest update, Salesforce field drop-down lists throughout the entire product were fixed. We also fixed styling issues caused by the update.

We fixed the validation on a stepper in a repeat strip that didn’t work as expected.

Our team resolved an issue where the Start node on the Actions Flow could be deleted in specific scenarios.

We made a cosmetic UI change on the Address Finder Settings screen.

Learn more about the Address Finder widget.

You can now have elements in your header that are hidden or shown on different pages per device in the project. For instance, you can have an element that is shown on page 1 on a tablet (L) display while it is hidden on page 2 of the tablet (L).

We optimized the way calculations on formula fields in repeat strips are run. Any project with calculated repeat variables should run better.

The numeric formula in a repeated strip didn’t work correctly for time values. Our team fixed this.

Only the first value was pushed to Salesforce when a text field had comma-separated values set from JSON. We resolved this issue.

It was possible to type in a read-only drop-down list. This was not correct, and we fixed it.

Our team resolved an issue where the pagination functionality on tables and power tables didn’t work as expected.

When using an image element as a Web field on a Word document, a bug occurred when the document was pushed to Salesforce or SAP, or when it was emailed.  We fixed this.

Titan Docs

Our team resolved a bug where the hidden field created with the Excel add-in was not available for selection when the spreadsheet was published.

Titan Platform

A user could accidentally create multiple projects at once. We fixed this.

We ensured that the contextual online links under Accounts > Settings> Account Settings all link to the correct pages.

We added a runtime feature to the Compliance Cloud license.

Titan Files

We fixed an issue where running an external flow in Titan Flow did not always proceed to the following action nodes.

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