December 29th, 2023

Titan Web

Signature Base 30 Storage

Titan enables you to store a signature in a Salesforce object using the Base 30 Format. Read more

Environmental Variables for IP Whitelisting

You can now use environment variables for IP whitelisting. Read more 

Animation Auto Play Improvement

A new feature improves Titan animation  by giving you the ability to switch off the Auto Play feature. Read more 

Titan Flow

Actions: Convert to PDF

Converting a file to PDF now consumes 1 Document Generation credit. Read more about converting a file to PDF with Titan Flow. You can also consult this article on Titan’s API calls and Document Generation

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

Fixed warning message bugs in the Titan Web builder.

Elements were disappearing from the Desktop layout when moving them from one form to another on a smaller device layout. This issue is now resolved.


When adding an “Affected Elements” node to an Action Flow, clicking on “Add Variables”, and then selecting “Apply”, the newly added variable now appears in the list of fields.

Fixed various mapping issues on string variables for both repeated and static strips.

The error message on the checkbox field now reverts correctly to the default language.

The following Power Table bugs have been fixed:

  • When creating a new Power Table in a modal, and defining one of the columns as a component, the filter in the component table was not working correctly.
  • When trying to create a Power Table using a report, an error was appearing repeatedly.
  • The select all checkbox was not reset after the page reloaded.
  • Speed issues were cropping up on Power Tables with many conditions.

When a project is embedded on smaller devices, columns no longer grow disproportionally and there is no extra white space between fields.

Issue with embed and footer not being rendered correctly is now solved.

Internal scrolling no longer appears when the project is embedded and a mobile device is used.

When a lookup field was in a repeated strip, column, or container, the selected record was not shown when the lookup modal was opened. We fixed this bug.

Fixed an issue with message translation in action flows with long names.

Changing the layout of one device inside a Form or Auto-Fit Container was affecting other devices. This issue is fixed.

When running a Titan Doc Gen preview from an Android device, the print option now works.

Fixed several issues with Smart V OTP Form styling.

Previously, when trying to update the Content Document Link Object it automatically sorted the query using “CreatedDate”. This was causing an invalid field in Salesforce because “CreatedDate” does not exist. The query has been changed and the issue is fixed.

Titan Forms

Resolved API and UI glitches for Forms 1.0.

When exporting a Forms 1.0 project and selecting ‘Remove Existing’, a new version of the form was being created as opposed to a new form entirely. This is resolved.

Titan Survey

When using a Web Survey, running a Salesforce Get from the “Survey Taker” record, and setting the integration to run user action on load, the Get was sometimes malfunctioning. This is no longer a problem.

There was a bug where deleting an element in the survey also deleted other elements. This is no longer an issue.

The user is now correctly notified when they are not using a Web Survey project with the latest runtime version.

Titan Docs

Fixed minor bugs in the Word Add-In.

Titan Sign

Several fields were randomly displaying as empty. This has been fixed.

Fixed submission issues for the mobile experience.

The placeholder for the text field in Titan Sign was sometimes incorrect by default reading “Select Value”. This was solved.

Fields had a rendering issue on some Android devices. This is fixed.

Issues with documents crashing upon load have now been fixed.

Various aspects of the app have been optimized for speed and efficiency.

Titan Flow

The Vision AI node now uses Titan’s Google credentials for authentication.

Titan Files

The API Key is now populated for a new Titan Files account.

Titan Platform

Resolved a bug affecting the selection and deselection of Titan Sign projects on the Titan Dashboard.

You can now filter your Salesforce logs by specifying a particular signed document instead of only by template.

Resolved several bugs users were encountering when opening a new case.

A card information message no longer incorrectly displays after buying an Add-On.

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