April 29th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Map to Apex code in Salesforce

You can map to an Apex code in Salesforce that would return a list of results into Titan. Read More

Set the Dynamic Size for a Page Modal

We added a feature that you can set the size for a modal to display well on a laptop, tablet, as well as large and smaller mobile devices.

Smaller screens require different configurations to give the correct responsiveness. Read More

Titan Platform

Create and manage folders

Up to now it was only possible to filter or search for a project. This new feature allows more options to organize, find and manage projects. Clients with many projects, across multiple departments would be able to manage projects more efficiently.

You can create and manage folders on the Dashboard. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

Conditions on strip settings were not shown correctly. Conditions set on the same strip were not shown, and affecting conditions on a repeated strip were shown twice. These were fixed.

The Value Rule on a date range field didn’t work, and it didn’t have an option to set a rule for a start and end date of a range.

The Close button on Customize Form Success Modal was not visible as the options above spilled over it. This was fixed.
Path: Project > Style > Configure > Customize style > Project Level Elements > Form Success Modal > Customize Form Success Modal

The font settings for a checkbox field and switch field couldn’t be changed. This was fixed, and you can now change the font type, style, size, and color.
Path: Project > Style > Configure > Customize style > Simple Elements > Input Fields > Root > Input Variant set to Classic

We improved the size styling for some survey elements.

When adding Input fields to display on a tablet or smaller devices, the label and placeholder fields were empty. These were fixed and will now show the label and placeholder fields.

When you added a drop-down field and changed the TextField variant to Filled or Outlined, the size shrank, and the text in the label and placeholder overlapped. This was fixed, and the drop-down field will have the same size as, for instance, text fields, and the label and placeholder text are spaced evenly.
Path: Project > Style > Configure > Customize style > Simple Elements > Input Fields > Root > Input Variant > TextField Variant > Filled and Outlined

On a Web project with buttons on a regular strip, the actions to hide repeated strips and columns didn’t work. Repeated strips and columns that don’t have an input field or Salesforce mapping are not affected by hide/show actions.

The success and error messages on forms only worked correctly in Classic Condition but not in Actions Flow. This was fixed.

Titan Docs

When rendering a Word document with a section, fields, and conditions in a table, there was an error. This was fixed.

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