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Use the Read Only function so users can view an input field but not make edits. Use the Read Only option for elements such as Text, Email, Area, Number, Date, Multi-Select, and Dropdown. This option allows the user only to view text; they cannot make any changes, such as delete or edit text.

How to Video

  • 0:02 An introduction to Read Only.
  • 0:19 Navigate to the Index Settings.
  • 0:34 Preview how the input field works without Read Only enabled.
  • 1:06 We show you how to enable Read Only.
  • 1:19 Preview the updated project.

How to Guide

  1. Select the expand (+) icon next to the settings icon in Titan Web. A list of elements will show.
  2. Select the Input option from the list.
  3. Select and drag the Text element to the canvas.
  4. Select the Text settings Gear icon. The Text Settings screen opens.
  5. Select the Interactivity option from the list.
Read Only option
Read Only option
  1. Select the Read Only checkbox. The field will not be editable.

The Read only option is similar to the disable option. There are elements with the disable option only, such as the button element and don’t have the read-only option. The user cannot type any text in the field. The main difference is the UI, and the disable option has greyed-out text. See the below example of disable and read-only:

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Disable and read-only examples

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