Dashboard: Titan Doc Gen Analytics

What does this Component do?

This component displays document generation logs and a dashboard for Titan Doc Gen reports.

How do I Navigate to the Titan Doc Gen Analytics Dashboard?

  1. On the FormTitan Lightning App, click the Titan Doc Gen Analytics tab:
Titan Doc Gen Analytics Tab
  1. The Titan Doc Gen Analytics tab will open to display Titan Doc Gen Analytics. This contains:
    • Titan Doc Gen Logs for this week:
Titan Doc Gen Logs
  1. Below, you can view the Titan Doc Gen Dashboard, which includes the following reports:
    • Document Generated by user
    • Generated Document by name and action this month
    • by Action this month
    • Document Generated by User this month
    • Generated Documents by name and action this week
    • Total Documents this Month
    • Total Documents this week
Titan Doc Gen Dashboard

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