Custom Object: Titan Sign Document

What does Titan Sign Document do?

Titan Sign Document is created every time a document is sent for signing.

API Name


Page Layout

Titan Document Layout.

Custom fields

Lookups to related objects will be added dynamically according to your Titan Sign or CLM template.

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Completed %Form_Builder__Completed_Percentage__cFormula (Percent)The ratio between how many signers completed the process. This is out of the total number of signers
Current RoundForm_Builder__Current_Round__cFormula (Number)The number of the collaboration round
Current Round NameForm_Builder__Current_Round_Name__cFormula (Text)Name of the latest collaboration round, as defined in the project
Current Signer Form_Builder__Current_Signer__cLookup(Titan Sign Tracking)The Titan Sign Document record of the latest signer
Current Signer NameForm_Builder__Current_Signer_Name__cFormula (Text)The Titan Sign Document name of the latest signer
Document NameForm_Builder__Document_Name__cText(255)The name of the Titan project
Document StatusForm_Builder__Document_Status__cPicklistThe status of the whole process

When started, the status will read as ‘In Progress’ and be changed to ‘Completed’ when the document is fully signed

The status is updated to ‘Rejected’ if the signer rejects the document

The status becomes ‘Voided’ if the admin voids the process

The status is marked as completed when complete
Generated ByForm_Builder__Generated_By__cLookup(User)Titan’s lookup to the user who generated the Sign process
Number Of Completed DocumentsForm_Builder__Number_Of_Completed_Documents__cRoll-Up Summary (COUNT Titan Sign Tracking)Number of docs which have been signed
Number Of RoundsRoll-Up Summary (COUNT Titan Sign Tracking)Number(5, 0)The number of collaboration rounds
Number Of SignersForm_Builder__Number_Of_Signers__cNumber(18, 0)The number of signers, defined in the project/wizard
Titan DocIdForm_Builder__Titan_DocId__cText(64) (External ID)ID of the Titan document, generated from the template
Titan TemplateIdForm_Builder__Titan_TemplateId__cText(64)ID of the Titan template, which the document is created from
TSD#NameAuto NumberUnique name for the record
Using IP AddressForm_Builder__Using_IP_Address__cText(45)IP Address of Signer
Voided ByForm_Builder__Voided_By__cLookup(User)The user who voided the document

List View

Component NameTypeFunctionality
In ProgressList ViewShows progress in Titan Sign Document
VoidedList viewShows voided in Titan Sign Document
AllList ViewShows all in Titan Sign Document

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